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Is acupuncture covered by any healthcare insurance?

Unfortunately, up to now, acupuncture is not covered by most private healthcare insurance and Medicare, However, there are still some exceptions, such as Veterans or those with Standard option Federal Employee Program (FEP) through Anthem BlueShield/BlueCross like USPS postal workers, and those with Worker's Compensation. Anyway, we accept any new emerging insurance covering acupuncture.


Attention all Veterans, we are happy to announce that our both clinics (Milwaukee main office –North/East clinic at 414-438-9488 and West Allis/New Berlin location-South/West clinic at 414-774-3053) are now accepting VA Medical Center's authorization letters for acupuncture. If you have been authorized, simply give us a call to set up your initial evaluation with one of our skilled practitioners at either location. We will try get you taken care of as soon as possible. If you are a veteran and would like to apply for authorizations of acupuncture, please contact your VA physician or RN or contact us for more information about our Veteran Services.


For those who have finiancial hardships without insurance coverage, we do offer certain discounts including senior/student and package discounts. At the south branch, Ace Oriental Herbal Clinic at West Allis, even more discount can be applied. Please inquire with the team directly.