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Chinese Herbology

     For more than 5000 years, the Chinese have been developing many health-promoting herbal recipes.  More than 80,000 herbal prescriptions are recorded, whose precise quantities and proportions are crucial to their efficacy. In fact, many of today's wonder drugs were derived from traditional herbal formulations.  One of the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine is that most herbs are used in prescriptions with multiple herbs. Many subordinate (or assistant) herbs cooperate with a major ingredient (or main herb) in a prescription to produce a better effect on one particular organ or condition.


     Herbal prescriptions are either tailored to fit the individual patient or designed to fit general conditions.  For the individual patient, Chinese pharmacists measure single ingredients on hand-held scales, mixing formulas for individual patient to take home and brew into tea.  But for the general conditions, there are lots of ready-made formulas herbs prepared in manufactories are available in our clinic. The ready-made formulas are usually are pill, capsule, tablet, tea or fluid form which are compressed with raw ingredients or extracts, then bottled or packaged. 


    Because they are ready to use without brewing, they are convenient and welcome in the modern society.  The herb formulas presented here are meticulously processed using formulas that have been passed down through many generations of herbalist.  They contain no harmful drugs, chemicals or additives.  All ingredients are grown in China in unpolluted soils that are largely uncultivated by man.  So they remain in their most natural states, to ensure the greatest potency and purity.